Killian Walbrou

18m Class World Champion 2017

After taking as season off Killian returned to the contest scene in 2017 by competing in the WGC with the JS1-C upgraded with “Evo” tips. This was Killian’s first Senior World Championship title after a collection of world medals including taking gold during the Junior World Championship in 2006 in Rieti, Italy.

Russell Cheetham

Open Class World Championship 2017

With championship titles in both the Open and 18m class, Russell has proven himself s one of the top competitors in the World. Russell won the Open class during 34th World Gliding Championship held in Benalla, Australia flying the JS1-C.

Pieter Nouwens

1250km FAI Triangle World Record Holder

On the 6th of January 2018, Peter completed the FAI 1250km declared triangle with a stunning average speed of 166km/h, almost 15 km/h faster than the previous world record (151.5 km/). This was quite a marathon flight in JS3-18m with Pieter crossing the finish line at 18:47 that evening after almost nine hours of continuous flight.

Melanie Gadoulet

18m Class Women’s World Champion

The 10th FAI WWGC held in Australia, Lake Keepit, in 2020 was Melanie’s third WWGC. She and teammate Anne Ducarouge both flew JS3s and took 1st and 2nd position. The french team did extremely well overall with four individual medals as well as winning the team cup.

Katrin Senne

300km FAI Triangle Women’s World Record

In November 2018, during a short visit in South Africa, Katrin got the oppertunity to fly the JS3 in 15m Configuration. During her first flight she decided to declare a 300km FAI triangle and in the process also broke the Women’s world record.