North Germany

M&D Flugzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG

M&D Flugzeugbau, located in Friedeburg, is an EASA-certified maintenance, manufacturing, development and CAMO company for gliders, motor gliders and powered airplanes. M&D has also made a name for themselves by repainting and finishing gliders with only the highest quality. With M&D’s many years of experience and highly skilled personnel professional service is guaranteed.

M&D is also a Satellite AMO Station for the JS1 SACAA type certified gliders in Europe, the type certificate holder of the JS-MD Single and has EASA production approvals for the JS-MD Single, Samburo and TJ-42 Jet Turbine.

South Germany

LTB Lindner is a well-recognised and highly recommend EASA approved maintenance company located in the South of Germany. LTB Lindner completed a training course on the JS-MD Single type gliders (JS1 and JS3) and the MD-TJ 42 Jet Engine at M&D’s facility in Friedeburg.

Fiberglas-Technik Rudolf Lindner GmbH & Co. KG

LTB Lindner managed by Helmut Lindner, is located in Walpertshofen, 30km South of Ulm.  Lindner has been repairing and maintaining gliders since 1971.
They are not only a recognized maintenance company DE.MF.0516 but also an approved manufacturing company DE.21G.0118, approved
engineering organization DOA.AP161 and certified technical air service LBA-No. II-A 13. LTB Lindner guarantees the airworthiness
of sailplanes and furthermore they are also specialised in finishing glider with high quality paint work and excellent surface finishing.


Service Center Terlet

As experts in their field, Service Center Terlet is able to maintain your glider with the utmost care and quality. Their five enthusiastic employees can assist you with all maintenance required for your Glider or Motor-glider including inspections, modifications, repairs, avionic testing and more.

Together with ensuring high quality work they also ensure optimal communication to their customers at all times.

Service Center Terlet is an EASA Part-M, Subpart F Maintenance Organisation and Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) approved company.

Service Center Terlet is also a Satelite AMO Station for the JS1 SACAA type certified gliders in Europe

So regardless of where you live, they can take care of your Glider.

Have a look at their fantastic website which includes Videos of how to repair a glider.