The JS3 Rapture

15/18m Single seater

The JS3 Rapture, high performance FAI 15/18-metre Class sailplane.
Pilots can select the JS3 as a pure sailplane, or have a choice of propulsion

  • The MD-TJ 42 jet sustainer system , or
  • The Solo electric sustainer/self-launch system

Optional 15m outboard wingtips transform the JS3 into a fast, agile 15m
glider, the preferred option in the 15m class.

Standard features differentiate the JS3 in its class – designed for pilots with
an appetite for the ultimate performance.

Proven the best in performance, safety, handling and comfort.


Wingspan 18m 59ft
Wing Area
9.95 m²
107.10 ft²
Aspect Ratio
Maximum Weight
600 kg
1323 lbs
Empty Weight
296 kg
653 lbs
Wingspan 15m 49ft
Wing Area
8.75 m²
94.18 ft²
Aspect Ratio
Maximum Weight
525 kg
1157 lbs
Empty Weight
284 kg
626 lbs



The JS3 sets the bar in the 18m class. It will be a dominating force for many years to come.

In the 15m configuration, the JS3 has proven itself to be equal or better than any competitor.

The 60 kg/m 2 wing loading combined with a high performance fuselage gives the JS3 its high speed dominance.

The high-wing design was perfected for maximum drag reduction and an increase of effective wing area – enhancing slow speed flying and climbing.

Performance and Speed specifications

Wingspan 18 m 59 ft
Best L/D
Minimum sink
0.48 m/s
94 ft/min
Sink rate & 200 km/h
1.4 m/s
276 ft/min
Max Wing loading
60 kg/m²
12.3 lbs/ft²
Min Wing loading
37.0 kg/m²
7.6 lbs/ft²
Water ballast capacity
184 I
49 US gal lqd
Wingspan 15 m 49 ft
Best L/D
Minimum sink
0.53 m/s
104 ft/min
Sink rate & 200 km/h
1.5 m/s
295 ft/min
Max Wing loading
60 kg/m²
12.3 lbs/ft²
Min Wing loading
40 kg/m²
8.2 lbs/ft²
Water ballast capacity
150 I
40 US gal lqd

Performance Features

  • Control surface gaps sealed with the Streifeneder Teflon/Mylar
  • Boundary layer is controlled with blowholes and soft tripping
  • Cockpit airflow controlled with an air extractor
  • Integrated bug wiper garages
  • Total energy and Pitot-static probes by Airsense fitted to the
    extremities of the tailplane
  • Integrated water ballast tanks in main wings – 156 l
  • Expendable tail ballast tank – 5.8 l
  • Non-expendable tail ballast tank – 8.9 l

Optional Performance Features

  • JS bug wipers operated by the On-Track programmable automatic
    winding system
  • Retractable tail wheel




A safety is not negotiable the JS3 is a clearly setting the standard. Flying a JS3 will give
you a safe feeling with highly desirable flight characteristics.

The forward vision in flight from the JS3 cockpit is impeccable, designed that 12 o’clock
traffic is visible, even those slightly lower than the horizon.

Flying fast in turbulent conditions? A high maximum rough air speed allows you to cruise
safely and legally on those strong days.

Should you need to deploy your airbrakes at VNE , a unique damper system limits the
extension rate, reducing the sharp stress impact on the wings and preventing your head
slamming through the canopy.

Our safety cockpit made from carbon and aramid fibre with integral crumple zones will
stay intact even with an impact of 9Gs preventing serious injuries that may arise from
that unfortunate situation.

Safety Specifications

Safety limits SI IMP
Max Speed V NE
280 km/h
151 kts
Max rough air speed V A
208 km/h
112 kts
Max aerotow speed V T
180 km/h
97 kts
Max decent rate MAUW
40 m/s
7874 ft/min
Cockpit crash resistance

Standard Safety Features

  • Automatically controls, including the water system
  •  Flarm™ collision-avoidance antenna in fin
  • Warning limit switches for landing gear & airbrakes
  • Water dump sensor
  • Hydraulic disc brake activated by a dedicated brake lever on control stick
  • Powerful airbrakes, lockable in different settings
  • Dynafoam™ energy-absorbing seat cushion
  • MH AL-248 O2 cylinder holder with quick release

Optional Safety Features

  • Dolba transponder antenna in the vertical fin
  • Flarm™ collision-avoidance antenna in front of vertical fin for maximum view
    angle and range
  • Emergency Bail-out System



Performance in comfort is accessible to pilots of all sizes:  the JS3 combines a low drag
fuselage with the amazing ability to accommodate our flying giants. 

But the JS3 is not designed just to be a contest winning racer. It has been designed to have
the ultimate feeling of the air, light on the controls and stable in thermalling. Similar to the JS1,the JS3 can even be thermalled hands-off while bank and speed is maintained.

Control forces are designed to be extremely light, balanced with a gentle positive
force/displacement curve, giving the glider an extremely pleasant feel of the air. The trim
operation is light and easy, and flying out of trim is not uncomfortable at all. Even the flap
forces are so light that you can feel the response of the air when making flaps changes.

Low time pilots instantly feel at home and are able to perform exceptionally well without much time in the cockpit.

Our pilots with less arm strength can easily operate and lock the airbrakes and landing gear even at speeds up to 200km/h.

Comfort Specifications

Comfort Features SI IMP
Max cockpit weight
115 kg
254 lbs
Maximum size pilot
2.03 m
6 ft 8"
Airbrake locking forces
-15 daN
-15 daN
Cockpit shoulder width
525 mm
20.7 inch
Landing gear retracting forces
-14 daN
-14 daN
Inner wing panel weights
<65 kg
143 lbs

Standard Features for your comfort

  • In-flight electrically adjustable rudder pedals
  • Ground adjustable seatback with headrest
  • Canopy side window with air scoop
  • Green tinted canopy for increased UV protection
  • Forward opening canopy for comfort
  • Cockpit side vent with ventilation control
  • Leather cockpit interior upholstery with storage pockets
  • Tool bag with assembly grease and rigging tools
  • Canopy cover, tail dolly



The design team started with a clean sheet – new wings, new fuselage new tail section – all integrated using calibrated CFD tools to extract the maximum performance.

Improvements on the highly successful JS1 were identified by Dr Johan Bosman in his P.hD studies over a period of 3 years – the research results formed the basis for the design of the JS3.

The most obvious and highest contributor to the improvements is the high wing position. This geometry enhances laminar flow profiles closer to the fuselage with less overall interference effects. The result is reduced flow separation on the top surface of the wing – a phenomenon clearly observed in wing configurations mounted lower on the fuselage.

The cockpit is design using 3D ergonomic simulation software and refined with the assistance of Teams Design – a Design Company in Germany. Pilots of all sizes find a comfortable position with the controls and instruments within comfortable reach.



The performance of the MD TJ-42 matches that of JS Products perfectly. There is no increase in workload, only a single switch and throttle dial, and there is no noticeable performance loss with the jet extended.


The Retractable Electric System (RES), developed by well-known aircraft engine producer, SOLO Aircraft Engines, with the EMRAX 208 air-cooled high-voltage electric motor, is not only a sustainer but also a self-launcher.

*Performance, masses and figures are estimations based on theoretical data only and may change without prior notification.

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