The Jonker dream became a reality on the 12th of December 2006 when Jonker Sailplanes' first product, the JS1 Revelation with 18m wingspan, flew its maiden flight. The JS1 has rapidly gained world recognition with its great performance and handling characteristics.
In 2014 the 18m “EVO” upgrade was introduced, improving the performance of the 18m version and also resulting in an increased roll rate with remarkable low speed behaviour. The increased wing loading, combined with new tip aerofoils and 3rd generation winglets, gives the JS1C-18 EVO the edge at high speeds. JS1C-18 EVO offers the serious competition pilot a performance advantage while remaining suitable for every pilot due to its handling qualities.
The JS1C-18 EVO has proven its performance by winning a national championship in every country where it has been been sold. During the 2016 and 2017 Sailplane Grand Prix Final the JS1C-18 EVO took top honours, and during the 34th World Gliding Championship in Benalla, the JS1 18-EVO, flown by Killian Walbrou, won the 18m Class.
The JS1C-18 EVO can be ordered in both 18m and 21m configurations. See JS1-21 for details.

Wing Area 11.19 m² / 120.45 ft²
Aspect Ratio 28.8
Fuselage Length 7.052 m / 23.14 ft
Fuselage Height 1.32 m / 4.33 ft
Empty Weight without Engine 310 kg / 683 lbs
Maximum Weight 600 kg / 1323 lbs
Wing Loading (min) (70kg pilot) 34.1 kg/m² / 6.98 lb/ft²
Wing Loading (max) 53.6 kg/m² / 10.98 lb/ft²


Jonker Sailplanes aims to provide competitive market pricing selling at the OEM’s recommended sales price. Instrument & avionics installation is included in the standard specification (excluding installation of transponder and ELT, or customer supplied instruments).

A 15% handling fee will be added for instruments supplied by customers. This fee is based on the OEM or equivalent recommended list prices.

JS1 Revelation with LX9000 and LX stick remote control

JS1 Revelation with ClearNav