The 18 meter variant of the JS3 was released a mere four months after the maiden flight of the JS3-15. The same philosophy was used with this model as the JS3-15 – the maximum achievable wing loading of 60kg/m2 for strong conditions, but also a very attractive minimum wing loading of approximately 40kg/m2
JS3-18 is the most modern 18m design in the world and is expected to be a dominating force in the contest arena for many years to come.
The JS3-18 can be ordered with interchangeable 15m wingtips. See JS3-15 for details.

Wing Span 18 m / 59.05 ft
Wing Area 9.95 m² / 107.10 ft2
Aspect Ratio 32.8
Fuselage Length 6.86 m / 22.51 ft
Fuselage Height 1.22 m / 4.00 ft
Maximum Weight 600 kg / 1323 lbs
Empty Weight Without Engine 280 kg / 618 lbs
Empty Weight With Engine 297 kg / 657 lbs
Maximum Weight Without Water Ballast 430 kg / 948 lbs
Wing Loading (min) (70kg pilot) 37.0 kg/m² / 7.58 lb/ft2
Wing Loading (max) 60.3 kg/m² / 12.35 lb/ft2

Jonker Sailplanes aims to provide competitive market pricing, selling at the OEM’s recommended sales price. Instrument & avionics installation is included in the standard specification (excluding installation of transponder and ELT, or customer supplied instruments).

A 15% handling fee will be added for instruments supplied by customers. This fee is based on the OEM or equivalent recommended list prices.

JS3 Rapture newly designed instrument panel with LXNAV Flight Computer (LX9070) and 24mm LXNAV remote control stick

JS3 Rapture with LX9000