Yves Gerster

“The JS1 is truly a revelation. I was surprised by how easy gliding can actually be. The ground handling is really easy, everything makes sense. The flight characteristics are amazing, you feel the thermal better and don’t have to concentrate so much on the flying. I keep being amazed by the performance, especially in 21 m. The JS1 climbs well in very weak thermals, even with a high wing loading, you never feel the urge to reduce it.

I flew my first 1000 km triangle with the JS1, and flew a 1500 km Swiss record in the Swiss Alps. Another achievement with my JS1 is winning the Swiss Nationals.

The JS1 is really intuitive. I often switch between many gliders (DG-400, Arcus, Duo Discus, Powered aircraft, paraglider…). It always takes time to get used to the next glider, however, this is not the case with the JS1. The JS1 feels natural and I immediately feel comfortable.”

Jonker Sailplanes