Philippe de Pechy

“My first fight in a Jonker glider was in Potchefstroom, January 2018, in a JS1C-21m. This was only a few months before flying the JS1 in the Open Class during the WGC. The airspeed indicator was not working, however, I could still feel the glider extremely well – I immediately knew that I could trust this amazing glider.

My favourite feature of the JS1-C is its shape, especially with 21 m wingtips – “A beautiful aircraft flies well” (M. Dassault). The feeling in the thermal is excellent. The power at 59 kg/m² is impressive. The jet is very comfortable to use, even if does not start, the performance of the glider and its handling does not drop. My son is tall: 195 cm, however he still fits very well in the JS1C cockpit. The glider is so safe that I’m happy to let him fly our JS1-C even though he is only 16-years old.

My greatest achievements since owning my JS1 is winning the French championship in 2018, and finishing second place in 2021. During the European championship in 2019 I finished in 4th place and during the World Championship in 2021, I won two races. In 2019 I also broke a French record over a 750 km/h triangle with an average speed of 163 km/h.

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