Schweizer Meisterschaft 2021

It will be hard to argue with the statement that Gliding is one of the most beautiful sports in the world! Unfortunately, it is also a sport that is dependent on the weather and it remains a disappointment if the weather does not want to play along.

Gliders on the grid during the Swiss Nationals in Grenchen, Switzerland

This was the fate of 36 competitors during the Swiss Nationals (held in Grenchen, Switzerland) who only had two flyable competition days.

A stunning view of the grid

Still, I believe every participant will agree that regardless of poor weather participating in such an event stays fun, and seeing so many gliders flying together (adding the beautiful scenery of Switzerland) is just an experience.

Congratulations to Yves Gerster, JS Agent, who came first with his JS1 in the Open class!

The champions: Jürg Haas (2nd), Yves Gerster (1st) and Remy Hirt (3rd)

For more info on the pilots and results follow the link:

Jonker Sailplanes