66th Hungarian National Gliding Championship

During the recent Hungarian Nationals, a good six out of eight possible days were flyable. The weather was different every day with mostly cumulus clouds except for one dry day (also the slowest competition day).

Beautiful cloud display greeting participants during the Hungarian Nationals

During recent years most top Hungarian pilots have switched to a JS1 or JS3 which was evident in this competition as half of the class flew JS gliders – resulting in a real competition again each other!

Zoltán Hamar’s JS3 in 18m configuration – taken by teammate Zoltán Kóré

“Despite relatively poor weather, the average speeds were really good thanks to new generation gliders like the JS3″ said Zoltán Kóré.

“Almost every task was won with an average speed of more than 140 km/h thanks to high gliding speeds between thermals.”

Zoltán Hamar and teammate Zoltán Kóré on the grid

Zoltán Kóré and teammate Zoltán Hamer competed for the first time in the same type of glider. According to Kóré, it worked very well and they were able to maintain the lead throughout the contest.

“We could try the advantage of the JS3 below cloud streets with high-speed dolphining and also long glides from below the high cloud base – it was an awesome performance. This was my second real 18-meter competition and a first for my partner – previously we flew mostly the in 15-meter class. We enjoyed it very much!”

The contest concluded with a very unique final result:   podium only filled with Zoltáns and JS3s….

Congratulations to all the pilots and organisers for such a great contest!

Jonker Sailplanes