Covid-19 Update – Situation in South Africa

Although South Africa (SA) is currently ranked amongst the top in the world regarding Covid-19 active cases, we are very grateful to report that the effects of the virus have not affected employees of Jonker Sailplanes.  JS has taken all the necessary steps to ensure reduced risk of infection under employees, and not one Covid case has been confirmed.

Since the 24th of July SA has seen a rapid drop in daily new infections, indicating that the peak has been achieved. The recovery rate has also increased to 86% with the fatality rate as low as 0.6%, much lower than normal flu. These positive trends resulted in SA easing their restrictions on 17 August to alert Level 2, with limited remaining restrictions.

One of the industries in SA that has probably been hit most by the Corona pandemic is the tourist and airline industries.  SA’s private tourism sector has been pushing the government hard to have borders opened in September, as this is the start of the peak period running through to March.  The Tourism Business Council of SA (TBCSA) is confident that SA could safely open for inbound travel from September forward. However despite the pleas by the TBCSA a specific date is yet to be announced.

Although the worlds’ economy is at an all-time low, Jonker Sailplanes as a company is strongly moving forward.  In July we shipped the second post-lockdown container with five brand new gliders to their European owners.

The JS2 prototype is also progressing very well and the JS3 RES prototype is already in paint shop.

Corona or no Corona, Jonker Sailplanes and its employees are ensuring that 2020 will be a year of progress, innovation and new achievements.

We hope you are just excited as us to what is still in store for 2020!

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