The JS2 SL Project Update

While other manufacturers claim to have an uncompromised design, we in the JS design team believe in a perfectly compromised design, taking into account all of the aspects of what makes a glider a superior product and balancing this to achieve the best designed glider in the world.

Jonker Sailplanes has shown that they are not afraid to try new innovative designs. The JS2 has been designed with conservative dependable designs where possible, new innovation was necessary and unmatched aesthetics in order to create a world class glider for the “every-day” pilot in an airframe that has proven its pedigree in the highest level of competition.

Packing all of this into a high-performance glider that is also suitable for easy ground handling, maintenance and operation is no easy task. As our chief aerodynamic engineer once said about the aerodynamic design: “Our clients want a glider that can cruise like a Ferrari and climb a hill like a JEEP!!”.

After months of design work and exhaustive design reviews the final design has been frozen and production of the first prototype can proceed.  Every part, every fastener, every wire, every fitting and attachment have been designed and imported to the final assembly model to check for possible failure modes and find solutions to these before moving to the manufacturing phase. While this process may by time consuming the result will be a glider that can be industrialised faster and can move through the certification process in a much more efficient way.

The prototype maiden flight is planned around the end of this year and serial production can start as early as July 2020.