JS3 Revealed

On the 12th of December 2006 history was made with the maiden flight of the JS1 Revelation. Ten years later we celebrated the anniversary of this memorable day by flying the JS3 Rapture for the first time. Completing the JS3 for this date seemed like an easy prospect for Jonker Sailplanes, but as months turned into days and days into hours, employees needed to work round the clock to ensure the glider was finished on time.

The maiden flight was carried out by Attie Jonker. Attie tells the story:
“Performing the maiden flight is an amazing experience, but to be the Chief Design Engineer and also do the test flight is really special. Normally I’m on the calculation and design side leaving the flight testing to Uys and AP but I managed to secure this honor. Not being used to flight and certification flight testing and all the nervousness that goes with it, my heart was beating really fast sitting in the cockpit while the test pilots around me were smiling and having fun.

When rolling, I had immediate aileron control followed by the good elevator response when the tail lifted – this immediately settled me down. The chase plane followed us right through the clouds and I was sitting on top of the world in a sailplane I designed with our wonderful team of 16 engineers. What a privilege to design and test fly a super glider!”

Uys Jonker also had his turn to fly the JS3 with maximum all up weight:
“I was in the privileged position to test fly the first JS1 but this time the Chief Design Engineer overruled me and decided to take the first flight. I had the honor to take the second flight and although it was mainly a photo shoot exercise for marketing purposes it was still a wonderful experience.

The aircraft is controllable, agile and easy to fly and gives you goose bumps while sitting in the cockpit. A flight at maximum all up weight (a wing loading of 60kg/m2) was conducted to see if critical certification requirements can be met. The JS3 transforms into an agile racer when fully loaded – it climbs wonderfully, almost with a loaded JS1 21m, and the cruise at high speed is something to take note of. The JS3 is by far the most amazing glider I have ever flown. “

                     JS3 piloted by Uys (front) and JS1 Revelation 21m piloted by AP