JS takes first four places in Europeans Open Class

Team JS would like to congratulate all the pilots participating in the EGC 2015. A special word of congratulations must go to Lukasz Wocjek, Adam Czeladzki and Jereon Verkuil, cleaning up the Open Class.

This was a great event for JS – our first win in a real big contest. With 7 JS1-Cs finishing in the Top 10 in the Open class including the 1st four places, the JS1-C definitely proved its its worth.

“It was such an honor to be part of this event, and to have the opportunity to be present during the last week of the event”, says Uys, who offered technical support on behalf of the JS-M&D-partnership at the contest hosted by the Ocseny gliding club in Hungary.

“….and Adam was just amazing, flying his JS1-C modified for paraplegic pilot operation. A year ago, when Adam approached us for this special project, we have not in our wildest dreams expected a Silver Medal in the EGC2015. Adam, we salute you!”

This was also the first big win for Lukasz Wocjek. Although no stranger to the JS1 this contest was his very first time to fly the 21m Open class configuration. Lukasz flew a JS1 to 3rd position during the WGC2014 in Poland.

The 18m pilots also reported back that the JS1 18 EVO is just amazing in the sky. With 3 days to go Andy Davis was still leading the 18m class until a dying day unfortunately troubled Andy and Russel badly. Andy finally finished 3rd with Peter Szabo and Russel Cheetham finishing in 8th and 10th place respectively. Finally seven JS1-18s still finished in the top 15, a reasonable result for JS.