Held at Lüsse, Germany, the German Nationals 2011 were organised from July 1st to July 14th 2011.
Sikko Vermeer (NL) was one of the few foreigners to be invited to fly this championship. Sikko participated flying a JS1 Revelation.
On the first training day Sikko surprised the other competitors by scoring a third position, flying the task with 104km/h compared to the the winner’s speed of 106km/h.

And this was Sikko’s very first flight in a JS1 Revelation.
Sikko commented (showing his sense of humor), “Now I understand why Ronald Termaat and Maurits Dortu did so well during the Dutch Nationals 2011. The JS1 Revelation impressed me during this flight”.

Sikko won the fourth competition day, a racing task of 367km with a speed of 108.6km/h.
He was third on the seventh and eighth competition days, racing tasks of 395km and 538km respectively.

Overall Sikko was ninth in a field of forty-two competitors, a position he was very pleased with.

Before this season Sikko was placed 813 on the IGC ranking system. He has flown gliders for more than thirty years and is a respected member of the Amsterdamsche Club voor Zweefvliegen (ACVZ).
He works at Service Center Terlet (SCT-Terlet), a repair center for (motor)gliders with a MTOW up to 5700kg.

Sikko was sponsored during this German Nationals by the Glider Pilot Shop(Gliderpilotshop) of Maurits Dortu, who is the owner of the JS1 Revelation that Sikko flew during this competition.

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