Sailplane Grand Prix Final 2016

Sailplane Grand Prix Final 2016

By Holger Karow

At this year's SGP Final, which took place in Potchefstroom from the 6th till 12th November, I became World Champion for the third time after 1999 in Bayreuth and 2003 in Leszno. And still this competition was completely different!


Starting with the weather, which, in Africa is generally different from the European one, but on this competition in particular! We had it all: sunshine, heavy thunderstorms and even hail - and still 6 competition days with interesting and tight races, with sometimes high average speeds!

All races could be followed via life-tracking either on the internet or on the big screen in the Potch clubhouse.


I was lucky to have flown several times in South Africa before this Final and I guess that gave me a bit of an advantage over some of the other 17 competitors. They came from all over the world, and there were 6 World champions amongst them - a high class starter field and a big challenge.


I was very happy to fly a JS1 with Evo wingtips which I had flown some times before. This glider makes you feel easily at home and its performance is simply great! Especially at high speed flying you can see a significant difference to the former wingtips.


My aim was to gain points every day, and in the end I was very happy to have "collected" the most with daily results as 3rd, 3rd, 9th, 4th, 1st and 5th.

How tight the races were you can also tell from the final results:

Holger Karow:       35 points

Oscar Goudriaan: 32 points

Christoph Abadie: 31 points


I had a great time in Potchefstroom, a great contest and I hope to be back soon - for more great flying. Thanks again to the organization team and the people at Potch flying club. And last, but not least, I especially would like to thank the people at the Jonker’s factory very much for their tireless help when needed.

Sailplane Grand Prix Champions (left to right): Christophe Abadie (FRA), Holger Karow (GER) and Oscar Goudriaan (RSA)