JS1 C 21m EVO





Multi wingspan, including 18m wingtips with provision for 21m wingtips
TOST™ nose release hook
Provision for C.G. TOST™ belly hook enclosed by main wheel doors
Fixed pneumatic tail wheel (brass or Vesconite)
ESA TE multi-probe (pilot, static pressure and Total Energy)
Two recessed battery boxes in baggage compartment and battery compartment in vertical stabiliser
Gooseneck dynamic microphone attached to canopy frame
Stick mounted PTT switch and twin speakers for radio and navigation computer
Radio antenna in vertical stabiliser
Provision for Dolba transponder antenna installation inside vertical stabiliser


Sealed control surface gaps on wing, tailplane and vertical stabiliser (Teflon/Mylar system)
Boundary layer control with blowholes and soft tripping turbulators
JS Louvred Cockpit Air Extractor
Removable wing-tip wheels fairings and racing skids/tie-down plates (18m only)
Integrated main water ballast tanks (approximately 2 x 90 litres) in main wings with automatic coupling and maintenance-free valves
Integrated non-dumpable C.G. water tank in vertical stabiliser (for optimum C.G. when compensating for pilot and equipment)
Integrated dumpable C.G. water tank in vertical stabiliser (optimum C.G. when loading water ballast in wing)
Integrated bug wiper garages, designed for the JS bug wiper system.


Triple-panel upper-surface airbrakes
Fully automatic control connections for flaperons, airbrakes and elevator
Retractable undercarriage with elastomeric shock absorbers
Hydraulic disc brake activated by full aft travel of airbrake handle
Safety cockpit, with carbon/aramid construction and integral crumple zones
Forward opening canopy with integrated instrument panel for easy exit
Canopy emergency jettison with safety hook at aft edge of frame
Four-point safety harness with quick-release buckle
Energy-absorbing seat cushion
First-aid kit


Four-piece wing with removable wingtips with integral winglets for easy rigging
Elevator trim with sprung-loaded control/position indicator on sidewall
In-flight adjustable rudder pedals
Canopy side window (sliding DV panel) with scoop vent
Green tinted canopy for increased UV protection
Moulded lifting handle on canopy rail at side window
Forward canopy defogging vent with honeycomb flow straightener
Adjustable ball cockpit side-vent (black anodised aluminium alloy)
Adjustable backrest with headrest
Non-sweat cloth upholstery material with storage side pockets
Oxygen storage tube with cylinder retainer bracket for 248 litre capacity oxygen cylinder
Control stick leather boot
Tail dolly
Tool bag, with assembly grease, tyre valve-stem extender, JS universal rigging tool, airbrake locking lever and eccentric rigging tool
Canopy cover with integral storage bag
Tie down attachment points on wing integrated in wheels/skids (18m tips)


CAD modelling & CNC machining of instrument panel layout to customer specification
All metal components with aerospace grade cadmium plating corrosion protection
External finish in sanded and polished urethane 2K paint
Instrument panel, coaming and canopy rim finished in Nextel
Contest and registration markings with surface paint (sanded, polished, feathered edges) and Helvetica heavy font (customer specified letters and numbers)


Aircraft Flight Manual and Maintenance Manual
Aircraft logbook
SA CAA Type Certification to CS-22 Certification Standard
Weight and balance calculator for optimum CG calculation


Since the JS1 Revelation is already very complete in its baseline standard then only a few options are available.

Open Class 21m Options

Integral winglets - interchangeable with 18-metre EVO wingtips - with fixed wingtip wheels
Integral wingtip tanks with capacity of approximately 18 litres (each)
Sprung-loaded dump valves, allowing independent jettison of main wing tank water ballast
Wingtip tank filling equipment
Certified for 720kg Maximum All up Weight, with a maximum wing loading of 58.7 kg/m2

Jet Turbine Sustainer System Options

M&D TJ42 jet turbine generating 40 kgf at maximum speed of 98,000 rpm
Fuel: Jet A1 or diesel fuel with added lubrication oil
Fully automated computer controlled system operated by a single switch and digital RPM throttle control
Single 57mm colour Jet Display and Control Unit for system and throttle control, displaying RPM, EGT, Fuel level and flow and battery voltage and capacity.
Engine and mechanical systems mounted in monocoque carbon-fibre box, easily removable for maintainability
Three fuselage mounted fuel tanks with integral fuel quantity sensors and filters, useable capacity of 42 litres, with fuel filler in engine box for external refueling
Engine extension and retraction using an electrical linear actuator with mechanical sequencing to close engine bay doors in extended and retracted position
Staged pricing of the jet sustainer is available to allow the complete electromechanical and fuel system to be installed during aircraft manufacture and later installation of the jet engine
12V LiFePo 10Ah main battery with circuit breaker box and duel supply connectors replacing one Avionic Lead Acid battery
Nose ballast system with lead plates

Main Options

JS1 C Revelation, complete with standard features and 18m wingtips
21m Open Class Wingtips
Complete Jet Sustainer System (Including Installation)

General and Safety Options

Landing gear warning micro-switches (installed)
ELT installation, including brackets
Transponder antenna and cabling (installed)
TOST™ C.G. release hook and cabling (installed)
Anti-collision markings (clear-coated luminescent paint)
Anti-collision strobe lighting in tail fin leading edge
Clear canopy (instead of standard green tinted canopy)
Solar panel system (7.5W, not compatible with sustainer)
Leather cockpit interior

Performance Options and Components

Flap-driven cruise/climb micro-switch (installed)
Recessed paint contest and registration markings
Low drag tail wheel hub (200x50 Vesconite or Brass)
Low profile tail wheel carbon-fibre fairing for 200x50 hub
Nose ballast system with lead plates
Vacuum-formed Cheetham rudder fairings (pair)
Fitting of Cheetham rudder fairings
Bug wiper electronic control system (installed)
JS Bug wipers (pair)
Racing skids/tie-down plates for 18m tips (pair)

Accessories, Equipment and Spares

All-weather covers – complete aircraft
Hangar dust covers – complete aircraft
Wing walker
Tow-out bar (specify ball diameter 50 mm or 2.0 inch)
Smart charger (LiFePo, Pb, LiPo, NiCd)
12V Lead acid 9Ah main battery with circuit breaker box
12V LiFePo 10Ah main battery with circuit breaker box
12V LiFePo 12Ah tail battery with circuit breaker
Tail wheel hub (210x65 Vesconite or brass)

Accessories, Equipment and Spares

Jet sustainer system (excluding Engine and Display Unit)
M&D TJ42 Jet sustainer engine
Jet Display and control Unit (JDU), 57mm panel mount instrument


Jonker Sailplanes aims to provide competitive market pricing selling at the OEM’s recommended sales price. Instrument and avionics installation is included in the standard specification (excluding installation of transponder and ELT, or customer supplied instruments).

JS1 Revelation with LX9000 and LX stick remote control



JS1 Revelation with ClearNav