JS Releases JS1C-18 EVO model: 24 July 2014

JS Release the JS1C-18 EVO model: 24 July 2014

The newcomer will be known as JS1C-18 EVO. The JS1C-18 EVO redefines handling in the 18m class, offering both an improved roll rate and superb control at slow speeds. The increased wing loading, combined with new tip aerofoils and 3rd generation winglets, also gives JS1C-18 EVO the edge at high speeds. JS1C-18 EVO offers the serious competition pilot a performance advantage while remaining suitable for every pilot due to its handling qualities. The design of the JS1C-18 EVO started in October 2013 with our Chief Aerodynamic Engineer, Dr. Johan Bosman redesigning the outboard wing using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design methods. It was planned to have the improved outboard wing sections ready for the WGC of July 2014. Within six months the project went from a paper design to reality, with 2 sets of the new outboard tips being shipped off to the world WGC to make their debut on the gliders of Uys Jonker and Attie Jonker.