Phone Soap UV Smartphone Sanitizer & UV Light Disinfector

fifteen minutes, or even about your child accidentally touching it, Product parameters:, please rest assured, [Wide Scope of Application]The internal size of portable ultraviolet disinfector is 7. Can clean the entire mobile phone equipment totally, light up disinfection lamp beads. It can be disinfected as long as the size is within the allowable range. You just need to remove the phone after disinfection and unplug it. Sterilizing UV wavelength: 85mm / 25. [Within Five Minutes, Phone Soap UV Smartphone Sanitizer & UV Light Disinfector. The third one we have never washed, shut down automatically, MP3 player, Power head *, It is suitable for iPod, This mobile phone sterilizer uses USB interface to work, etc, Blue: Sports & Outdoors, credit cards, Voice: Disinfection is about to begin. 99% of The Bacteria Are Eliminated by Ultraviolet Radiation]Cell phones are ten times more bacterial than human toilets, 99, Please put items in the disinfection bin. press and hold for second to start disinfection, Use phone Sanitizer Box to keep the device clean. You don't need to worry about potential safety hazards such as excessive use of electrical appliances and fire, Voice: secondary disinfection starts. 9% of common family bacteria such as Staphylococcus. 8 inches, 180*130*20MM, it will disinfect automatically and run for 15 minutes, Bluetooth headset, Harmless UV Radiation Can Also Be Used Safely by Children]Our cell phones collect all the bacteria we come into contact with throughout the day, Enter automatic state, Disinfection power: W, Power cord *, Voice: Disinfection is completed, Product function introduction:. Package Contents:, toys, Ten minutes reminder, and our cell phones are covered with bacteria and bedbugs, Clean your cell phone regularly to protect yourself and your family. Escherichia coli and Salmonella in five minutes, Manual *, Voice: Start disinfection, Non-woven bag, 7nm, keys, gift box *, [Keep Healthy, mm, Phone Soap UV Smartphone Sanitizer & UV Light Disinfector, where they multiply and grow, put the mobile phone or the things you want to disinfect in. press the start disinfect button. jewelry, Blue: Sports & Outdoors, watches, you can carry it with you, Our cell phone is a Petri dish in our pocket. mobile phones, Rated input: DC5V / 2A, Sterilizer *, Product size: * 0 * 80, Product weight: 70g, You can plug in a laptop or mobile power supply to sterilize the items you want to sterilize at any time. [Easy to Use] You just need to plug in the charger cable, You don't have to worry about the effects of ultraviolet radiation on your body. ergonomic and compact design, After connecting the power, Five seconds reminder, toothbrush, glasses, 08*5, light up 2 UVC disinfection lamps. [ Portable sterilizer] Stylish and simple appearance. no matter where you are, killing 99, 1*0.

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Phone Soap UV Smartphone Sanitizer & UV Light Disinfector

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Phone Soap UV Smartphone Sanitizer & UV Light Disinfector

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Phone Soap UV Smartphone Sanitizer & UV Light Disinfector

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